You have a new little blessing in this world and you’re finally home from the hospital. But now what? Many new parents aren’t aware of the importance of a routine when it comes to a new baby. You should go ahead and expect the first couple of weeks to be a little chaotic as you both get adjusted, but you can start simple routines with babies at a very young age. Just like adults are more comfortable with a routine, so are babies. Forming a bit of predictability will allow your baby to feel a sense of safety and stability in a new word that is unfamiliar.

One of the best ways to start getting your little one sleeping longer stretches at night is to form a bedtime routine. Here are a few simple things you can implement as part of your nighttime routine.

  • Since babies do not know the difference between night and day, exposing your newborn to the light in the morning then a dim light with bath time and a bottle will help them distinguish morning from night time.
  • By associating bath time with a bottle, they will begin to recognize these signals and learn that it is time to wind down.
  • Swaddle your baby after the bottle. Swaddling can help to keep your baby warm and feeling secure. It also helps with those newborn startle reflexes so they sleep longer. Babies are generally okay to be swaddled for the first couple of months.

Routines also allow babies to follow the rules. They will learn that baths and bottles mean bed time, not play time. Ultimately, routines lead to a less chaotic environment for newborns, and you too!

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