First baby? Or maybe this little bundle is the third… Either way things are changing. Hiring a night nurse can make the transition into motherhood/fatherhood a bit easier.

Bringing the newest addition home, is when the changes begin. Every pregnancy is different, and recovery time is different for everyone. Many Atlanta couples enjoy the extra hand of a baby nurse.Our qualified staff can assist you with many aspects of adapting to life with a newborn. The caregivers are certified in CPR and can offer classes to make sure that you as parents are up to date with the process.

The extra hand during the night helps to ensure you get a good nights rest and are ready to tackle the day time duties that are required. The night nurse prepares and gives bottles (formula or breast milk), changing diapers, gets the baby back to sleep, etc. At the end of each night, you will receive a full report on how your little on did through out the night.
Working on getting your newborn on a schedule is a trying task for many. Our baby nurses will assist in getting a schedule in place that works for you and your family.
Baby Night Nurses take the stress off of being new parents and let them get use to the process that comes along with being a new parent. The night nurse is there to help with your newborn and educate you though the first few weeks. From changing diapers to CPR classes to lactation education, we have what you need.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule your Atlanta Night Nurse or class today! 770-580-3023