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Are you looking for an up to date, evidence based childbirth class in Atlanta? Check out what Sonia with Graceful Guidance Parenting offers. Here is a little more about Sonia…

As it is said, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and Sonia Davis could
not agree more!! She is here to help the village come together to surround
you and your family with the new transitions from pregnancy to parenting.
She loves nothing more than connecting families with the resources
needed…from a guiding hand, to a great night sleep :) to some of the best
products she loves.

Graduating with a bachelors in science in nursing from Mercer University in
Atlanta, Sonia has over *12 years* nursing experience in specializing in
labor and delivery, postpartum, childbirth education. Because of her knowledge of working with
families as a nurse and her own experience as a new parent, Sonia provides
support for mothers who also face the emotional challenges of postpartum.
She is so thankful for her village, that in her own words she says, “I feel
called to gracefully guide others with my passion and experience in helping
families during the transition from pregnancy to parenting. Thank you for
the honor of being part of your new village.”

Please contact Sonia @ for dates and times of her upcoming classes!