It’s by far the biggest complaint we hear from parents. “I’m just not getting enough sleep!” This will come as no surprise to those who are parents already. We all remember trying to catch a couple of hours of sleep in between the middle of the night feedings. Sleep deprivation is not a normal condition for new mommies. In addition to being one of the main causes of post partum depression, it compromises our immune system, making us susceptible to illness. The last thing a mother needs when transitioning to being a new parent is to be sick. Lack of sleep can also affect your ability to produce enough breast milk for your baby as well.


One way many families have chosen to combat sleep deprivation is hiring a night nurse. Rest Assured has been providing Atlanta families with high quality, expert night nursing care since 2010. Remember, we only use licensed professionals that have passed a background check, are certified in Infant CPR, and are fully insured. They have experience with getting your baby on a schedule that works for you and your family. They can assist you with breastfeeding if you choose, or they can handle the feedings for you at night so you can catch up on that much needed sleep. Whether you choose to have a night nurse 1-2 nights per week, or 5-7 nights per week, Rest Assured will match you with a nurse that meets your family’s needs.  Visit our caregivers page for information about our nurses or call us to meet your baby nurse today!


For information on how to get your baby to sleep visit here.