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Meet a Few of Our Happy Clients



“Our story has a few surprises…..we were new parents expecting twin girls (surprise 1) in April, but they came in January (surprise 2). It was a frightening time, but luckily, our girls thrived and received the finest care from the nursing staff in the NICU. During our many visits, we quickly learned that Guy was the “go to” nurse who always had answers to our many questions and who knew the rights things to say when there were no answers. We easily connected with Guy on a personal level. It was evident he truly loved the babies he was caring for, and that was so touching to us. He went above and beyond his job duties making us feel comforted amidst all the wires and monitors, taking time to teach us the basics of parenting right there in the NICU. When the girls finally came home, Guy continued to act as a valuable resource; not because he had to, but because he cared. Meeting Guy has been a surprise in and of itself, and we are thrilled knowing that there are people out there like him to help first time parents.”

Andrea and Troy King

“I met Ansley Parillo last September after my daughter, Kiplan, was born. She spent 31 days in the NICU and Ansley was one of her nurses. My daughter has Down Syndrome and struggled with feeding problems probably due to her heart condition. We were learning so much about how to take care of her, and the challenges that may lay ahead, and through this time, Ansley wasn’t only a wonderful care-taker for our daughter, she was a great resource to us as a family. Ansley was patient, offered useful and effective advice, and loved our little girl throughout her stay. We are very grateful and feel blessed that Ansley was one of Kip’s nurses. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Amy Waggoner

“Every time we came to see our sweet boy, Landon, he was being swaddled, bathed, changed and fed by Guy. He made me feel so confident in being able to feed our premature newborn because Landon was not opening his mouth for me to feed. Guy showed me great techniques to get him feeding and was able to answer all my questions when it came to caring for him. My only wish, “wouldn’t it be great if I could just take our nurse, Guy, home with me for a week or two! I even called him three weeks later to ask him a few questions and he was there for me. I cannot say enough wonderful words about Guy , his personality made it so easy for my husband and I to work with him in caring for our precious boy Landon and we are so grateful he was caring for our son in the NICU at the hospital.”

Mark & Wendy Walter

“In November of 2008, our son Eli was born. Fortunately, Ansley (known as “Eli’s angel” in our family) was on duty. Ansley immediately recognized that our son was not breathing appropriately. Ansley probed further to figure out the cause of Eli’s problem. She discovered that he had a cleft palate, which was causing his tongue to occlude his airway, resulting in low oxygen levels. Ansley remained by his side until the neonatologist evaluated him and transferred him to the NICU. We owe our son’s life to Ansley, and we will always have a special place in our heart for our son’s ‘angel.’”

Mark and Claire Murray

“Our twin boys were born 5 weeks premature and Guy was one of the first nurses to care for them. They were in the hospital for 4 weeks. There were several nurses rotating care for our boys but Guy was the only one I felt completely comfortable caring for them. He was so nurturing and loving and I always felt good about leaving them on Guy’s shift! He also “taught” my husband and myself a lot about how to care for them once we were home. It was a very emotional time for us and Guy always took our feelings into consideration. He took the time to make us feel comfortable with all the “scariness” of being in the NICU in a very gentle and kind way. Guy is one of the most professional and friendly nurses I have ever met. In fact, once we had both the boys home, we even had Guy babysit for us because we didn’t trust anyone else to take care of them. He’s the best at what he does and a really great human being!”

Missy Dlugozima

“Rest Assured was extremely helpful to us during an exciting and stressful time in our lives. We live out-of-state and had to travel to the Atlanta area to adopt our newborn daughter, Natalie. The adoption process required us to stay in Atlanta for a week after Natalie’s birth before we were permitted to take her home, so we spent those first nights in a hotel. Needless to say, it was not an ideal way to spend our first week as new parents! We needed someone to care for Natalie overnight so that we could get some sleep, so we contacted Rest Assured. Natasha and Angie were fabulous. They took excellent care of Natalie, and we always felt confident that she was in good hands. We are so glad that we made that call! Thanks to Rest Assured, we were calm, well-rested, and fully alert to care for Natalie during the day. We recommend Rest Assured highly and without reservation.”

Sarah & Sean

“We would like to thank Rest Assured for all their help. I will begin naming the girls that took care of our little baby boy who is suffering from re flux and painful colics. Angie, Amanda, Mansy and Larkin. “All” with no exceptions did a spectacular job!! They truly show their devotion and love for babies. They were caring and gentle with the baby. They were understanding and they listened to our concerns in regards to the special needs of our baby which it’s so important to us. Ansley and Guy although we haven’t met in person only by phone. They were very understanding of our needs and always trying to match our schedules also making sure if we were satisfied with the service provided. I can only say it was a pleasure to deal with great people like them. Thanks so much!!”

Mr.& Mrs. Rheault

“We took Ansley’s Baby Basics class and it was well worth it. Ansley, made the class so fun and we liked being able to practice swaddling and changing diapers on the gender specific dolls.”

Jeremy & Brandy Christiansen

“My husband and I took the Baby Basics class through Rest Assured Infant Nursing and found it helpful.We did not think we would need a night nurse because my husband took a few weeks off of work to behome with myself and our son. We were wrong! We had a horrible first night home from the hospital.Our son would not sleep or eat and was fussy all night. The sleep deprivation was getting to us so assoon as the sun came up we called to request a nurse for that night.We were ecstatic to be matchedwith nurse Cathy on such short notice. She is an angel and watched over our sweet boy to give us thepeace of mind to get some much needed rest. Cathy answered all of our first time parenting questionsand was an amazing breast feeding coach. She gave us many tips and demonstrated techniques in infantcare. The services provided exceeded our expectations and we are so thankful to have met Cathy. Herexpertise and caring personality built our confidence to care for our son. Thank you!”

Josh, Melissa & Henry Krentzman

“Entrusting the care of your baby to another can be stressful to think about but you have nothing to worry about with Rest Assured Infant Nursing. Just as their name states, I slept soundly knowing my baby was in the best of hands. Their nurses posses a great balance of clinical knowledge and motherly compassion. They are the utmost professionals. The most difficult decision I had to make was deciding when to stop using the service…be prepared to get spoiled!”

The Rosen’s

“We took Guy’s Infant CPR class and really enjoyed Guy as an instructor. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he is very passionate about what he is doing! We would definitely recommend this class for anyone expecting a baby.”

Jeremy & Shanna Patrick

“Dena was wonderful with our newborn son. She came in and watched him during the day when he was just 4 weeks old. As a first time mom, Dena not only helped take care of our son but also answered so many questions and concerns I had pertaining to him. I wouldnt hesitate to call on Dena again as she was great to have in the house and our son really took to her.”

B. Cross

“The Baby Basics class was very informative. We feel so much better about bringing a new baby home!”

The Williams

“Being new parents seemed like a daunting task, but the help we received from the baby nurses made the transition easier! Gail and Danielle were caring, professional, and gave us great advice on with caring for our newborn. We look forward to using Rest Assured again in the future!”

Katie and Zach

“It was so comforting to know of a company and a trusted group of people to care for my daughter when she was born. I used both Larkin and Amanda and am still using Rest Assured. There is no price to pay for the security of your child and to know they are in safe, loving arms. My husband and I were able to get many nights of much needed rest. Thank you and I will surely keep using this company and will use again when I have another one someday soon:)”

Jenny M.

“We really enjoyed having Cathy. She has such a warm presence about her.”

E. Kahn

“Amazing class! Informative and personal. I left with a higher sense of security about caring for my newborn.”

Annie and Damon B.

“Great class and great instructor! Very valuable information.”

Amanda and Neal B.

“Rest Assured has made the transition so much easier. Kristen and Dena are so sweet!”

Meredith N.

“Just wanted to let you know that everything went great with Meg last night. She is such a nice, warm person. I was a little nervous and she made me feel very comfortable. We definitely want to have her back”

Kerry W.

“Thanks so much. All three nurses have been stellar. Couldn’t ask for more. We will absolutely recommend your services going forward, and call again if we need a break :)”

Josh B.

“Enjoyed Baby Basics class with Ansley! The broad overview was great and loved the take home materials.”


“My husband and I welcomed our second baby, a little girl, to our family in march. Shortly after we brought her home, we realized she suffered from reflux and colic. She would be up most of the night screaming in pain, unable to be soothed. My husband and I were both exhausted. We had recently moved into our home, my husband had started a new job and I was in desperate need of some rest since we also have a very busy 18 month old boy who is ready to play every day all day! One night at about 3 in the morning, I did a frantic google search on my phone for a night nurse and Rest Assured popped up. I was immediately impressed with the company. The nurses looked so friendly and were obviously passionate about their jobs. I emailed Ansley right away!
LeAnn and Emily were a God-send for almost 4 weeks in our home!! They immediately put our minds and hearts at ease and we were finally able to get rest knowing that these women were lovingly caring for our baby girl. I can’t thank them enough!!!”

Katie G.

“I wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed having Joy here for the past several days. She is really wonderful. She helped us in so many ways that it’s hard to quantify–general care for Penny, breastfeeding support for me, guidance on supplemental feedings for Penny, moral support, etc. She always offered before I even had a chance to ask! When I pumped in the middle of the night, she washed all the parts so I could go back to bed earlier then I would have been able to, and she also respected when I was exhausted and just wanted to stare at the TV during feedings rather then talk. We really enjoyed her!”

Megan K.

“We loved Meg – she was really great and our daughter loved her too! She was so sweet with her and made us feel secure she was in good hands. We were able to get some much needed rest with her there and appreciated so much!”

Mary T.

“Erika has been awesome”

Kimberly I.

“Thank you so much for connecting us with Lynn and Erika, our baby nurses! They were both fantastic, and helped my husband and me get some needed rest after the birth of our second child. We felt incredibly confident in their ability to care for our newborn, and we’ve slept well knowing our little guy was in good hands. We’ll definitely recommend Rest Assured Infant Nursing to our friends, and we’ll be sure to call you again in the future when we need you!”

Leslie & David M.

Thanks for everything- Mandy, Wendy and Page were great and definitely a HUGE help.

Christie Hull

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Page! She was wonderful with our newborn daughter, a wealth of knowledge on all things newborn, and a joy to talk with when I woke up for late-night feedings. When it came time for me to introduce a bottle, Page was amazing! She really helped work with me and my desire to breastfeed but to also obtain some extra sleep on the nights she took care of our daughter. We could not imagine getting through those first months as first-time parents without Page! We truly looked forward to every night she came!

Katie and Tyler Wolff

“I have 2 children – a 2.5 year old boy and 5 month old girl. I met Ansley and Guy while my son was in the NICU 2.5 years ago when they told me about their company. They were wonderful nurses, but I chose not to have a night nurse then, and now, having had one for almost 5 solid months with my daughter, I wouldn’t have another child unless I knew I could obtain a night nurse again. It was a night and day different experience. I don’t function well without sleep and it takes me a long time to fall back asleep after a middle of the night feeding; however, I got some of the best sleep of my life while the night nurses were here knowing my babies were in such great hands and that they would wake me if anything required my attention.

Jade B.

Mandy is a dream! She is SO sweet, very adaptable and great with the baby in general. We are super happy to have Mandy with us (and I am getting blocks of much needed sleep)!


“Our twin boys were born 7.5 weeks premature, and in the NICU for 6 weeks. We were so scared bringing them home, as one had respiratory issues and the other was having bradycadiac episodes before he was released. It was such a relief to have Page help with their care when they were so little. Page was with us for several months afterwards and really bonded with the babies.

Lisa and Patrik S.

I wanted to let you know that Brittany has been amazing with the baby this week. She has been so helpful and very thorough in the information she has provided

Heather R.

Things are going well. Brian and I appreciate the sleep and our sweet dog, Oscar, has really taken to Olivia and Sarah! He barely comes upstairs to bed anymore!

Amanda T.

We had a 2.5 yr old daughter when we gave birth to our twins. I don't know how we would have made it without Rest Assured. The registry was a godsend! People contributed much more than we expected so we were able to purchase additional nights (weeks) with money we set aside beyond what the registry provided. We cannot put a price on being less sleep deprived to be able to provide better care to our newborns during the days, be present and energized to keep up with the toddler, and still be able to work and participate in life. Their nurses were very professional, qualified, pleasant, and helpful. Guy and Ansley were very engaged to be sure we were completely satisfied. We highly recommend Rest Assured Infant Nursing.

David in Nashville

I wanted to first reach out to tell you how amazing Wendy has been. Knowing how loving she is to Parker has provided Raj and me such a sense of comfort. Raj and I both agreed that hiring Wendy was one of the best decisions we've made as new parents. Thank you for what you do!

Sarah P. in Atlanta