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5 Reasons to Hire a Night Nurse

Is this your first baby? Or maybe you are a pro and preparing to bring home another new addition to the family. Either way, we at Rest Assured are here to help ease your transition throughout the beginning stages of this new chapter. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider a night …

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Toddler Seminar FB Ad

Calling all parents…

Moms on Call Toddler Seminar is coming up fast! They are almost completely sold out, but if you have not yet purchased tickets, you can do so by clicking: http://momsoncall.com/toddler-seminar/

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RAIN VALENTINES DAY revised no   type

Celebrating Valentine’s with a new baby…

You have so many reasons to celebrate the new LoVe in your life It is your first Valentine’s with a new baby and you are wondering what to do. ~You may not feel ready to go out and celebrate. That is okay stay home and cuddle up with your new love! If you feel like …

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Now hiring baby night nurses in Atlanta

Looking for a childbirth class in Atlanta? Check this out…

  Are you looking for an up to date, evidence based childbirth class in Atlanta? Check out what Sonia with Graceful Guidance Parenting offers. Here is a little more about Sonia… As it is said, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and Sonia Davis could not agree more!! She is here to help …

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Learn how to Swaddle like a pro

Would you like to learn how to swaddle your baby like a pro? Check this link out below!   http://www.pinterest.com/pin/195414071307091057/?fb_ref=200691864553130334%3AuzOTEp5cAKxpc2Lk1Czp&fb_ref=200691864553130334%3AuzOTEp5cAKxpc2Lk1Czp  

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Rest Assured Infant Nursing is now in Nashville, TN

Rest Assured Infant Nursing has expanded our night nursing services to Nashville and surrounding areas. We are very excited to finally share this with our loyal families. Help us get the word out!!! Please call 770 580 3023 to schedule your baby nurse

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Baby nurse Atlanta

10 weird but totally normal things about your newborn…

I cam across a great article on The Bump.com. Take a look. The full link is listed at the bottom. We’ve got the scoop on everything they won’t tell you about at the hospital. Sure, all those books and classes have prepped you for the major things: labor and delivery, the unavoidable sleepless nights and, …

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How to swaddle

Many babies love to be swaddled. Many times it can keep the baby from startling her/him self with the startle reflex and waking them. Some babies like to be swaddled for months because it keeps them contained and cozy like they were in the womb. Take a look at this video posted on BabyCenter.com on …

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Baby nurse Atlanta

Baby Nurse of the month

Darci is Rest Assured Infant Nursing’s baby nurse of the month. She graduated from Bryan LGH College of Health Sciences in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2003. Darci has extensive experience in Emergency Room Trauma/ Intensive Care, and Newborn Nursery & Breast Feeding. She¬†also spent 13 years as a Physical Therapist working at Broward Childrens Center in …

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