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Houston Night Nursing

Houston Night Nursing

Our baby night nurse services have expanded to serve parents in Houston, TX! We understand the importance of a good night’s sleep when you have a newborn at home, and we are here to help! Our licensed, registered nurses will give you back the sleep that you need and help to get your newborn on a schedule that works for your whole family!

atlanta night nursing

Atlanta Night Nursing

Are you looking for a good night’s sleep? Let Rest Assured Infant Nursing assist you by matching you with a qualified nurse to care for your baby. The nurse will prepare and give bottles (Breast milk or formula), change diapers, soothe your infant, or bring the baby to you for on demand breastfeeding, clean breast pump, etc.



Nashville Night Nursing

We are now providing baby night nurse service in the greater Nashville, TN area.  Are you experiencing a lack of sleep? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. 8 out 10 parents say they are sleep deprived in the first 3-6 months of starting a family. Rest Assured Infant Nursing can match your family with licensed, registered nurse to help you at night with your newborn. All of our caregivers are experts in caring for babies.

Charlotte Night Nursing

Charlotte Night Nursing

Charlotte, NC is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, attracting more and more families to the region. Rest Assured is now providing Night nursing services to the greater Charlotte area. All of our caregivers are experts in newborn care and can help your families develop a routine that works for you. Contact us today to reserve your night nurse.


Why Choose Rest Assured Infant Nursing?

Rest Assured Infant Nursing is owned and operated by registered nurses with over 10 years of experience caring for newborns and their families in a Neonatal Intensive Care environment. When matching a baby night nurse with a family, we know the importance of matching the caregiver to the family as a unit, not just the baby. Family-centered caregiving is a core approach we take seriously when choosing a baby night nurse to care for a family. We know that every family is different and that matching them with the right night nurse is key to providing them with the best possible experience and outcome.

The success of our business is a direct result of the unparalleled quality, caring and expertise of our night nurses. When you choose Rest Assured Infant Nursing as your night nurse provider, you’re not simply matched with a night nurse. You’ve made the important decision that your family will be cared for by a college educated, licensed registered nurse. The owners of Rest Assured Infant Nursing carefully chose each infant night nurse displayed on our Caregivers page. We evaluate each caregiver through a unique perspective as fellow nurses, and more importantly, as parents. All of our night nurses have passed a comprehensive background check, reference and previous employment check. We have taken the time to meet with each nurse to ensure they encompass all the values we believe are essential in matching your family with the highest quality newborn caregiver possible. When you choose us as your baby night nurse provider, you can Rest Assured, you’ve chosen an experienced and established partner that’s recognized as the provider of choice by families all over Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Houston.

Please call us at 770-580-3023  to hire your Baby Night Nurse today.


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Meet a Few of Our Happy Clients


Amy Waggoner

“I met Ansley Parillo last September after my daughter, Kiplan, was born. She spent 31 days in the NICU and Ansley was one of her nurses. My daughter has Down Syndrome and struggled with feeding problems probably due to her heart condition. We were learning so much about how to take care of her, and the challenges that may lay ahead, and through this time, Ansley wasn’t only a wonderful care-taker for our daughter, she was a great resource to us as a family.

Ansley was patient, offered useful and effective advice, and loved our little girl throughout her stay. We are very grateful and feel blessed that Ansley was one of Kip’s nurses. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Mark and Claire Murray

“In November of 2008, our son Eli was born.  Fortunately, Ansley (known as “Eli’s angel” in our family) was on duty.  Ansley immediately recognized that our son was not breathing appropriately.  Ansley probed further to figure out the cause of Eli’s problem.  She discovered that he had a cleft palate, which was causing his tongue to occlude his airway, resulting in low oxygen levels.  Ansley remained by his side until the neonatologist evaluated him and transferred him to the NICU…

We owe our son’s life to Ansley, and we will always have a special place in our heart for our son’s ‘angel.’”

Missy Dlugozima

“Our twin boys were born 5 weeks premature and Guy was one of the first nurses to care for them. They were in the hospital for 4 weeks. There were several nurses rotating care for our boys but Guy was the only one I felt completely comfortable caring for them. He was so nurturing and loving and I always felt good about leaving them on Guy’s shift! He also “taught” my husband and myself a lot about how to care for them once we were home…

It was a very emotional time for us and Guy always took our feelings into consideration. He took the time to make us feel comfortable with all the “scariness” of being in the NICU in a very gentle and kind way. Guy is one of the most professional and friendly nurses I have ever met. In fact, once we had both the boys home, we even had Guy babysit for us because we didn’t trust anyone else to take care of them. He’s the best at what he does and a really great human being!”

Mark & Wendy Walter

“Every time we came to see our sweet boy, Landon, he was being swaddled, bathed, changed and fed by Guy. He made me feel so confident in being able to feed our premature newborn because Landon was not opening his mouth for me to feed. Guy showed me great techniques to get him feeding and was able to answer all my questions when it came to caring for him. My only wish, “wouldn’t it be great if I could just take our nurse, Guy, home with me for a week or two!”…

I even called him three weeks later to ask him a few questions and he was there for me. I cannot say enough wonderful words about Guy , his personality made it so easy for my husband and I to work with him in caring for our precious boy Landon and we are so grateful he was caring for our son in the NICU at the hospita

Andrea and Troy King

“Our story has a few surprises…..we were new parents expecting twin girls (surprise 1) in April, but they came in January (surprise 2).  It was a frightening time, but luckily, our girls thrived and received the finest care from the nursing staff in the NICU.  During our many visits, we quickly learned that Guy was the “go to” nurse who always had answers to our many questions and who knew the rights things to say when there were no answers. We easily connected with Guy on a personal level…

It was evident he truly loved the babies he was caring for, and that was so touching to us.  He went above and beyond his job duties making us feel comforted amidst all the wires and monitors, taking time to teach us the basics of parenting right there in the NICU.  When the girls finally came home, Guy continued to act as a valuable resource; not because he had to, but because he cared.  Meeting Guy has been a surprise in and of itself, and we are thrilled knowing that there are people out there like him to help first time parents.”

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